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Plant Strong Defense In The Face Of A Viral Crisis

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

Right now, no matter where you turn, COVID-19 hysteria is everywhere! People are preparing for doomsday by stocking up on canned goods and staples, hoarding toilet paper and hand sanitizer, clearing the shelves of supplements and medications, self quarantining their families, and closing schools and public venues. People are shoulder deep in the freezer aisles grabbing up the frozen pizzas, chicken wings, pre-made lasagna, and filling their cart with meats (didn't meat start this whole ugly event in the first place?), chips, and sodas to get them through the crisis. But how many of us are clearing the aisles in the produce department or the bulk grain and bean section? While the personal hygiene measures may help in their own respect, how many of us are thinking about how we can bolster our health by cleaning up our diet? We are all waiting, with bated breath, for the 'powers that be' to produce a vaccine that will "Save us all," but are we taking responsibility for our own health... from the inside?

We have been conditioned to believe that we need to rely on sources outside ourselves to survive the dirty world in which we live, when one of the easiest things we can do to protect our health is to use our food as preventative medicine. Considering the insidiousness of viruses (You're most likely infectious before you even know you're infected!), it stands to reason that maybe the mac & cheese you're about to gobble up may not be the best choice for your over-all immune defenses. How about a gigantic salad loaded with health promoting, bright beautiful veggies instead? Put down the pop tarts and pick up the vitamin C rich strawberries! Drop the soda bottle and start sipping a cup of green tea that is loaded with antioxidants. A big pot of veggie soup is loaded with phytonutrients that your body can readily use to keep your immune system strong and prepared to withstand viral attack. Herbs and spices are heavy hitters for immunity, and they enhance the flavor of every dish you can think of! Being mindful of what you and your family are eating is a key factor in your health, even beyond this current viral crisis! Our diets can contribute to, or help protect us from, all major diseases. The plant kingdom has always been our ally, we should be turning to it now! Eat the rainbow folks! Plants are so delicious, and our lives are literally depending on it!

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