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Stretching for Mobility class

Because everybody needs a good stretch!

Stretching your body is intrinsic to maintaining a high quality of life with good posture, balance and mobility. As a Massage Therapist, I see a lot of stiffness in my clients, and they benefit greatly from the stretching I incorporate into my treatments. Stretching the muscles of your body is what I refer to as "The fountain of youth." It is a fundamental necessity for mobility, balance and pain management. So many of us are really stiff! We want to, and we need to stretch, but we either lack the motivation, or simply don't know how or where to start. And sometimes we just don't want to do it alone. This is exactly why I have started the Stretching for Mobility class. It is geared for beginners, elderly and any individuals who are struggling with their mobility due to general muscle stiffness. Stretching for Mobility is a 60 minute class, comprised of a gentle warm up followed by a series of targeted stretches that will lengthen your muscles and open your body for improved flexibility. You will be enhancing your quality of life and reaping huge rewards from a very small time commitment a couple of times a week. Come on, let's have some fun!

Yoga Class

Every Tuesday and Saturday 

at 9am

11830 Enterprise Dr.


Space is limited, so grab your spot now!

Contact me today!

Phone or text: 530-305-6313


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