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What Is Health Coaching?

I'm so glad you asked! And I want to congratulate you, because you have already made your way to my website in your search to improve your health and your life.

For varying reasons, many of us have a desire to change our lives. Often times we find ourselves stuck in our current lifestyles simply because we aren't sure how, or where, to begin turning over that new leaf. We suffer from debilitating ailments and our doctors tell us we need to make changes. What they don't tell us is how. Here enters the Health Coach.

Your Health Coach is your source for education and encouragement to explore all of your options in order to make the shift from fearful and uncertain to excited and motivated about your healthy new lifestyle. As you begin to feel better in your body and about yourself, you gain momentum and wisdom. Sooner than you think, you will realize that you are that person you were desiring to become.


Here at A New Leaf Holistic Health Coaching  a healthy diet as well as a non-toxic emotional and physical environment is encouraged and celebrated. You are here, which means that you have already taken your hardest step, and your decision is power! Let's do this!


 Health Coaching Consult
(50 minutes) $100

Together, we will discuss the health/wellness issues you are currently struggling with. We will then explore your entire lifestyle, not just your diet, implementing simple changes to customize a new way forward that serves you best and gets you back to feeling amazing! With each coaching session you will learn valuable tips and education to help you get motivated and excited to be in control of your abundant health and your awesome life. Individual and group classes available. 

 Pantry makeover 
(4 hour) $400

Are you looking to ditch all of those unhealthy, pro-inflammatory and processed junk products in your home and replace them with fresh, delicious, health promoting food? Let's do it! I will show you healthy alternatives to your current not-so-healthy choices and teach you why some foods are better than others. We will chuck the junk and then go shopping to stock your pantry and fridge with the delicious whole foods that make your body run clean and healthy. And if time permits, we can even put together a delicious, health promoting meal.

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