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Love thy body as thyself

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

Love thy mirror too.

It is interesting to me that no matter where we go, be the internet, the grocery store, or even at home watching television, we are bombarded by a ZILLION advertisements for processed foods, devoid of nutrition, constantly in our faces influencing us (And our children) to consume. We have celebrities and paid actors with big white smiles looking happy and thin, with the perfect family, and the best of everything influencing our choices every day to, "Buy this and you will be happy too!" 

And then we turn around, and right along with those junk food ads we have the endless weight loss commercials, diet ads, and pharmaceutical companies selling us in the exact same way. We choke down diet drinks and pills that say they will make you lose "20 pounds in 20 days." Or we jump on the next fad diet only to be disappointed when it doesn't work. And then we take medications to treat our symptoms.

Low fat, high fat, high carb, low carb, high protein no carb, water fast, eat more, put butter in your coffee! Blah, Blah, Blah!   We succumb to the very carefully constructed ruse of the advertisement companies. And they are paid WELL for it! This is all big business, that leaves more of us than not overweight and slowly ailing from overconsumption and hating our bodies for the way they look and perform.

And here's the kicker! We don't put it together! We continue to hate our bodies and ourselves, constantly trying to be those celebrities and paid actors! What the hell! The multi-million dollar weight loss industry relies on our self disdain!

Let's look at this and get some clarity.

We are born with one body, And there are so many variations of the human body. We can be a Size 2 or a size 16. We can have a fast metabolism or a slow metabolism. Be it a pear shape or an apple figure, an endomorph, ectomorph, etc., our body is our only place to live!

Our bodies are AMAZING vehicles that we drive really hard! And, if we get really real, we don't usually give them the proper nutrition that they require. We opt for the processed and "Convenience" foods aforementioned. When did our indulgent foods become our staples? Then, when we start having health issues or weight issues, we punish our struggling bodies with diets or surgical procedures that deprive them of proper nutrition, and pharmaceutical drugs to treat the arising symptoms. Our bodies are so loyal! Why are we doing this? Our bodies are asking for our help, not our hatred. Our beautiful bodies have been quietly performing for us since the day we were born. They deserve so much better.

I ask you, when is the last time you looked in the mirror WITHOUT a critical eye? When have you SEEN your body and appreciated it for what it does for you every single second of the day? Walking, digesting, breathing, seeing, tasting, feeling, circulating… Have you ever considered that those legs you think are too fat are moving you around just fine? And even that belly you think is too big is digesting, absorbing and eliminating in the background, while you're busy living life.

All of your body systems working at split second timing, for years and years. Even babies are being developed and delivered through these amazing machines! WE ARE AMAZING! And we can repay these extraordinary machines by treating them gently, and giving them proper nutrition, sleep, and play. It's really that simple! Loving and accepting ourselves, eating healthy, getting adequate sleep and getting out and "MOVING OUR MACHINE!"

I'm not saying that the transition is easy, but you're worth it! (And I know this really cool Health Coach who can help get you on the right track!) Even if you aren't at the size or weight you want to be, and even if you are struggling with ailments, there is hope. By changing our perspectives about the food we consume and finding a deep appreciation for ourselves and our ONE, loyal, perfectly imperfect body, we can start to slowly heal ourselves gently, without dieting, and become the best version of ourselves.  

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