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Welcome To Erin's Vibrant Plant Based Lifestyle Blog

Updated: Feb 10

My name is Erin Colvin and I am absolutely passionate about all things plant based! I have been an an independent massage therapist since 2001, and in 2018, I opened my second business, A New Leaf Holistic Health Coaching. I love to assist people with, and to watch them thrive when they transition to a vibrant plant based lifestyle.

Posing with a beautiful plant
I love this plant so much!

My personal plant based journey began in 2011. At that point in my life, I found myself needing to "Match my actions with my convictions." It was fulfilling for me to know that I had made the conscious decision to tread more gently and compassionately on the earth while simultaneously improving my health. And I love to cook great food! So pulling together fantastic recipes, made exclusively with plant based ingredients, was an exciting and delicious challenge! But that was only the beginning!

nachos made with cashew based nacho cheese and vegetable toppings

In the last 13 years I have had so much fun testing, tasting, growing, wearing, smelling, and seeing so many things created from beautiful, sustainable plants! And I'm not done yet! So, this blog is all about my sharing of these awesome little nuggets with my readers, to make my passion for all things plant based fun for you too! Everything from nutrition and recipes, cooking at home or dining out, growing and harvesting plants, and herbal remedies, to style and clothing, personal care and make-up, cleaning and household products, and so much more! You'll find it here at Erin's Vibrant Plant Based Lifestyle Blog. I am so glad that you are here!

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