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Well dang it! I slept through the New Year's Eve festivities yet again! Nah, just kidding. I rang in the new year with lots of sweetly scented bubbles in a hot bath, sipping an even hotter cup of ginger lemon tea. Now that's my kind of celebrating! Link, my 14 year old cat, always hangs out with me while I soak. He looks at me with concern, as if he is asking me, "Can I help you out of there?" His kitty brain can't quite grasp the concept of a "Good" bath.

In this age old ritual of self care, it was a perfect time for me to drift around with my thoughts, and to ground, and meditate. I reflected on things I did, didn't do, or could've done better, and I forgave myself, releasing what is no longer serving me, in the form of energy, change, and action. I took a giant internal step forward, leaving the past year far behind me, right where it landed, shifting into the new year with the purpose to do better, be better, and allow all good things into my life. And after my luxurious soak, and an ensuing deep sleep, here I am in 2021. A sunny, Winter morning, and a new year full of hope and promise.

So, the question I am now asking myself is, "Am I going to just crack that 2021 door a little bit, peeking in at the new year with reservations? Or is this the year for me to pounce on 2021, and get sh*t done? Either way, it's all in my power. It always has been. And now I'm asking you the same question. Peek? Or Pounce? I'd love to hear what you have in the works!

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