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Updated: Jan 31, 2021

I’m pretty sure that I am not alone in feeling relieved that Christmas is finally over. Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t mean this in a depressive, Scrooge- y way. It’s more like a, “Holy crap! Yet another thing to pile on, adding to the weight of this heavy blanket that has laid over the year 2020!”, kind of thing. Financial woes, sheltering in place, worrying for the ones who can’t work, as well as those who can’t afford not to work. Being concerned for those employed in the health care system. Losing our businesses. Trying to work from home and home school at the same time. Missing our traditional family get togethers. Mourning the loss of our friends and loved ones. All of this, and then trying to make the shift into a cheery Holiday mode had most of us grinding our gears, attempting the seemingly impossible task of moving forward with life, without having much traction on this rocky road, doing our best to avoid going into an all out emotional tailspin.

Whoa! This year has been a real doozy! And in just 1 more day we will be done with the Holidays, as well as 2020, and will be able to get back to just the COVID chaos again. The ole “New Norm”... Whoopie! But seriously, this is where we are, and that’s pretty much the sum of things, whether we like it or not. So, with the New Year coming, the question now is… Which way to the vaccine line! Too bad they can’t just send the vaccines in the mail. And while I’m off the subject, didn’t our mail and parcel carriers absolutely KILL IT with the deliveries this year?! Right to our doors! And on time! <A collective round of applause> But I digress.

The question to ask yourself now is...What attitude do I want to bring into 2021? It’s a whole new decade. Do I really want to drag all of the fear, uncertainty, and stress of 2020 with me? Or should I shake off that dead weight and start building some positive energy to propel me, like a cannon, into the new year? KABOOM!

Regardless of circumstance, we can all benefit more from a positive attitude. We are all capable of so much more than our lizard brains allow us to think we are. I quote a friend who once asked me, “Are you pitiful? Or are you powerful?” When we are feeling empowered and hopeful, nothing stands in our way. So, what can I shift in my thinking or actions, that will make life easier, happier, or more fulfilling for myself and my family right now? Not tomorrow, not when the vaccines come out, not when the shelter in place mandate is lifted- right now! Even one simple shift in my thinking or my actions today can change my whole outlook, and in effect, how I move into 2021. I know, to some of you, I might be sounding like a real Pollyanna, whom you just want to punch in the face right now! But, perhaps you’re still looking at things through that tired old lens that’s been telling you that you can’t be happy because of “This”, or things will only be better “When”. Just drop that Boo- Hoo basket and start considering the possibilities being presented to you, instead of just looking at what you can’t have or do. No work right now? That means there’s lots of time to meditate, play with the kids, reconnect with your husband or wife, walk the dog, dance. Money is tight? Round the kids up to assist in mastering the perfect pot of $5 bean soup, where everybody gets to add their own ingredients. Slow it down, drag it out, and make it fun! The whole family will be feeling full, happy, and connected. Don’t just wait and hope for things to get better… make them better! In all actuality, the only thing standing between us and our best lives is ourselves. 2021 is right around the corner. Are you choosing a crash landing into it, or will you allow yourself to sail smoothly over the bumps that will inevitably present themselves? I shower you with blessings for 2021. Let’s choose to be happy, and to make next year amazing!

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