• Erin Colvin

C-4! (Crazy COVID Carb Cravings)

So, I'm sitting here at my desk trying to come up with some jewel of inspiration, to offer a little levity, in this crazy time of the COVID19 pandemic. I've been sitting here for 36 minutes so far, with nothing coming to me. Zip, zero, zilch! The cold, hard truth is that this whole situation is totally sucking for the entire world! Most of our lives are as terribly interrupted as our cash flow. We're feeling stir crazy, being cooped up in our houses, and resentful toward any individuals who are acting irresponsibly about their own health, potentially prolonging our reluctant isolation. Some of us are angry at others for starting this pandemic; However, if we look at it realistically, all we have to do is drive to a nearby feedlot or CAFO (confined animal feeding operation) to see where we have potential viruses, in the making, right here in America. Nobody is immune, as long as our current model of animal agriculture is in place. We need huge changes in order to avoid future pandemics, or history will keep repeating itself. I will speak for myself when I say that I don't even want to do the projects I could, or should be doing, because I am so preoccupied with the worries over my future. Will I be able to pay all of my bills? Will I be able to keep feeding my family? Will My clients be back once our country gets running again? Will I come down with this ugly virus? Basically, how safe am I? This is the most basic of human needs in question here, and nobody has that answer yet. Scary times indeed!

What have I done during this shelter in place mandate? Well, enough stress and boredom eating to the tune of 4 extra pounds at this point. It's been so easy to snack all day, and the days seem to be running together now. Alright! That's enough! Today I have decided, I am transitioning myself out of this phase. As of now, I refuse to buy anything that has the potential of becoming ingredients for something decadent and unhealthy. And the struggle is real! I am taking great strides to outsmart myself, because I am a resourceful, curious, and crafty kitchen Goddess! I can throw things together pretty easily, and come up with something totally amazing, from seemingly nothing. I suppose that is both a blessing and a curse. The day before yesterday, while I was riffling through my freezer to see what I had on hand, I found a package of puff pastry hiding in the back since Thanksgiving, I think. Score! I threw it together with some frozen Marion berries, a little organic sugar, lemon juice, and corn starch, and POOF! Marion berry galettes! Easy as...well... pie! See what I mean! I'm sure there are many more of you with the same gift/curse, imagination, and lots of time on your hands to envision and realize your own spectacular culinary treasures from 'forgotten things'. By my careful observations, there is but one remaining package of phyllo dough, from roughly the same time period, that will surely test my resolve to eat healthy. But I ain't throwing it out... just in case!

While the little pies were cute and oh so delicious, by eating them, I have thrown myself into a state of pretty ugly heartburn- a malady I only get when I'm eating foods that don't serve my health. In order to get myself back to healthy eating, I have decided to do a water fast today. While I'm not a big fan of fasting (I can't think of anyone who truly is), it's definitely a great way to reset my taste buds, and to give my whole system a needed rest, after blowing it out with the (white flour and sugar) pastry bomb. Sorry folks, I don't think the Marion berries count as healthy in this instance! It's easier to abstain, by not having to go into the fridge or pantry at all today, than try to put any meals together. I am in no danger of starvation. And the self imposed battle happening in my intestines, in revolt to the "C-4" I assaulted them with, will eventually subside. Today I rest, tomorrow, back on track!

Delicious little gut bombs!


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