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Updated: Feb 16


Some days just call for chocolate - and lots of it! Today couldn't be a better example! With election votes still being counted, America is stressed, irritable, and edgy, to say the least. We are all desperately needing something to gnaw on besides our fingernails and, perhaps, each other's feelings. Well my frazzled friends, chocolate has you covered! And the darker the better!

Chocolate not only has pre-biotic fiber that feeds your healthy gut bacteria, it also contains Theobromine and Magnesium.

Theobromine improves blood flow, lowers blood pressure, and is a potent mood enhancer. Magnesium helps to regulate blood sugar as well as muscle and nerve function. It also works great to keep things "moving", if you know what I mean! And who doesn't love chocolate? There's just no down side! So turn off the news, unclench that jaw, take a big deep breath, and stuff a big ole square of 70% Cacao in your pie hole! You'll be so happy you did. And pa- lease! Resist the urge to share with your furry family members, no matter how much they may beg. Chocolate is toxic to them. Just bogart all that delicious succulence, and RELAX!

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